Desire lines

Desire Lines 2, Digital Illustration, Luca Lana

 “….ecological alliance(s) of nonlocalizable, open-ended concatenation of interrelations that blur and confound boundaries at practically any level: between species, between the living and the non-living, between organism and environment”.

Gayle Salamon discusses in Assuming A Body the psyche’s role in extending the corporeal pliability of the trans body.  Combining Sarah Ahmed’s approach in Queer Phenomenology  with Salamon’s work,  the psyche that extends the body’s pliability also constructs which objects and materials the queer body adopts as its own. Described here are queer assemblages forming queer places through an active practice of material and psychological construction. 

These practices can be queerly and ecologically oriented, woven into the terrain. Stacy Alaimo writes how a naked protest on an iceberg had helped “cast off the boundaries of the human, allowing us to imagine corporeality not as a ground of static substance but as a place of possible connections…”.   Beyond the ice, mixing queer bodies with the soil, sand and trees interests me.  Earth is another body that the queer can inherit as its own.