The exhibition

Queer Geology: The Exhibition was envisaged as an ambiguous constructed terrain in the MADA Gallery, posing variably as a reserve-land beat, an imagined geological sample or the physical setting for a symposium.

In this space, bodies, geologies, and ecologies could intermingle. Queer Geology: The Symposium was designed to sit within the transformed exhibition space, inviting each attending body to assist in the building of a queer assemblage. Audiences could engage with the project’s key themes through a variety of perspectives of works and series of events.

Interdisciplinary linkages of researchers working across the terrains of ecology and geology and the queer in art, architecture, design, and dance created an experimental ground for students and practitioners and the public alike.

A collaborative project by Luca Lana and Virginia Mannering – supported by Monash Art Design and Architecture and the Alastair Swayn Foundation – Queer Geology exposes the meshes of their research: the seemingly disparate fields of queer spatial theory and material histories of ‘earth’.